How to create an eCom password

Step 1 - to shop online your mobile number and eCom password must be registered
  • Go to:
  • This is the front page of the eCom password registration process
  • Click "Halt fram”



Step 2 - Enter card number
  • Enter your payment card number (16 digits)
  • Click "Vátta"

Step 3 - Declaration of consent

In English: By registering my mobile phone number and password (eCom Password) with Dankort Secured by Nets, Visa Secure or Mastercard ID Check I consent to the following:

  1. In the event of any fraud involving my payment card or suspicion thereof and/or disputes relating to the use of my card, my card issuer may process the following information in addition to card data for use with case: The time of registration, and the name, address, and personal number (P-tal) linked to Samleikin.
  2. In event of any suspicion of fraud involving my payment card, my card issuer may contact me on the mobile phone number that I register.

 If I register a mobile phone number and password for a Visa/Dankort the phone number will be used for both Dankort and Visa payments

  • Click "Gev samtykki

Step 4 - Enroll and approve with Samleikin
  • Enter your personal number (P-tal)
  • Click “Login with app”
  • Confirm in ”Samleikin app”

Step 5 - Register, change or delete your mobile no and eCom password connected to your card
  • Loyniorð: Fill in a personal eCom password for your payment card
  • Endurtak loyniorðið: Repeat your personal eCom password
  • Fartelefonnummar: Enter the mobile phone number you wish to link to your payment card
  • Click "Vátta”
  • Strika: If you want to delete the mobile number and the eCom password connected to your card, click “Strika nummar”

Step 6 - Confirm mobile number
  • Enter the one-time SMS code from the text message
  • Click "Vátta"

Step 7 - Registration accomplished

Your password has been registered. You will now be able to shop online with your newly registered eCom password + a one-time SMS code which you will receive automatically via text.